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Looking for a  1957 Speedster replica ?

Want to know why Speedsters leak so badly ?  Why Speedsters Leak

 OR....Would you rather have  a weather tight, drive anytime

1957 SAS Cabriolet or SAS Coupe Version?

Does a Speedster replica built in the USA with

  1. accurate body and interior styling

  2. reinforced structural tube chassis

  3. mid-mounted modern overhead cam fuel injected engine

  4. Power assisted 4 wheel disc braking with ABS

  5. and adjustable suspension make sense to you ?

there is a whole lot more ............. TOC

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1957 Speedster-Cabriolet-Coupe

Jaguar XK120 - XK140

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Take your pick.........

       356A Porsche Coupe      356A Porsche Cabriolet

1957  SAS Speedster                        1957  SAS Coupe                         1957  SAS Cabriolet


                   1957 356A SPEEDSTER 

                                                                                 SAS Speedster and SAS Cabriolet replicas awaiting assembly

XK-120 Jaguar DHC                         XK140 Jaguar DHC

                   XK-120/140 Jaguars and smiling customers              


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