Newsletter      April 2009     *********            Specialty Auto-Sports, Inc.



Celebrating seven years of very special 356A replicas


Steve Lawing is pleased to announce that Specialty Auto-sports, Inc. is entering their seventh year of design, development, and production of their very unique Subaru powered 356A replicas.


What have the “other” 356A replica companies been doing during this time period ?

They continue to make the air-cooled VW Beetle variants of the 356A Speedster and Roadster that have been around for 30+ years and are continuing to use the VW Beetle technology that began in 1936 and ended in 1977.

  These old parts and technology are the reasons why we stopped building VW based Speedsters in 2000.

 The quality of imported VW parts now available from China, Brazil, Mexico, etc. don’t come close to the original VW parts made prior to 1977.






So what has Steve Lawing and his crew been doing at Specialty Auto-sports, Inc. during the same six year period ?


Our Subaru based 356A Speedster, Cabriolet, and Coupe replicas are based upon 2004 and newer Subaru technology, and we are growing in technical sophistication as improvements become available from Subaru.


This constant search for improvements to the lineup of Specialty Auto-sports, Inc. replicas never stops.  This is our obsession and commitment to you to make our cars light years ahead of the VW based cars in appearance, performance, reliability, safety, and comfort.




We entered 2009 by making a significant change to the rear suspensions on our 356A replicas.  We have adapted the Subaru Legacy GT Turbocharged car suspension.  Adapting the suspension of this 150 mph car affords the following benefits:


  1. Lighter weight (even better weight bias than before)
  2. Larger brakes
  3. Greater sensitivity in alignment specifications
  4. Very sturdy design
  5. Replacement parts availability far into the future





This new Suspension is going under this 2.5L  5 Speed Cabriolet currently under construction (more on this car in a later newsletter).






Steve Lawing

Specialty Auto-sports, Inc.