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Steve Lawing announces new features added during 2010

Other 356 replica companies continue to build their VW based cars in the same manner with the same 45 year old technology and methods for the last 30+ years .

Since driving conditions, fuel prices, safety requirements, and ecology concerns have changed since 1965  Specialty Auto-sports, Inc. welcomes you to the 21st century

We continue our tradition of never ceasing development of our 356A replicas which has produced even more improvements to driver safety, performance, ergonomics, convenience, and value.




This year we came up with a few more improvements that we feel are very significant and  greatly improves the handling, enjoyment,  and safety of our cars.


1.       ERGONOMICS  - why not be comfortable driving your 356 replica








2.      CONVENIENCE -  

 3.      SAFETY  - 






4.      PERFORMANCE - just adding power to your 356 replica is only part of the challenge







This year's crop of changes was a good one for sure.


5.     So what are "some" of the significant features of the  SAS 356A replicas?  How do they compare with a typical VW version ?  Would you really want to do without any of these ?


Here is a short list - (there are many many more) 

            comfort -

            correct appearance -

             unsurpassed handling                                                                   

                         modern overhead cam fuel injected engines (2005-2011 model year)

            modern transmissions (5 speed or automatic)

             structural occupant protection

            weather protection


            ecology responsibility


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