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Considering  a 356A Speedster replica to use as a daily or frequent driver ?


There are leaking issues that are seldom mentioned in the presentation.


Steve Lawing of Specialty Auto-Sports, Inc.

  presents an historical evolution of the problem and attempted solutions


"CLICK" on the YouTube links below to see an historical overview

of the  leaking issues with the 356A  Speedster and our alternative.




                         THE PROBLEM    "Why Do Speedsters Leak ? "                


                        SOLUTION  #1       Oversized Side Curtains                                                      

                        SOLUTION  #2      Metal Framed Lexan Side Curtains 


                        SOLUTION  #3     Unframed Lexan Side Curtain                                           


                        SOLUTION # 4     Rollup window                                      
















                        SUMMARY         "Why Do Speedsters Leak ?"                



            SOLUTION USING SAS ROLLUP WINDOWS                                 





Steve Lawing   at   Specialty Auto-sports, Inc.



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