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Steve Lawing of Specialty Auto-Sports, Inc.


 SAS attendees at the Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals show

May 18-20, 2012


Well it is that time of year again where the caravans of replica and import cars are heading towards Carlisle, PA to participate in the activities of the annual show.  Of special interest is the large attendance of replica 356A Porsches.


We have had  many inquiries about our attendance at the show.  We will not have a formal display, but will leave the event for all the enthusiasts to enjoy without commercial presence.


However, there will be  several owners of our cars in attendance all of whom have offered to gladly show their cars and discuss its features.  I will list them with a photo of their car so they will be easy to spot if you should desire to speak with them.  Print out the Newsletter and take it with you to the show. Have a good time, and enjoy all the cars.





                                    John Hallstrand                                                                  Nolan Scott




                                    Scott Teele                                                                          Clint Owings


Steve Pritchard



Steve Lawing   at   Specialty Auto-sports, Inc.



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