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356A Replica owners

 Slay the Dragon again


On Saturday October 17, 2009 a few brave Porsche souls braved the inhospitably cool weather and decided to Slay the Tail of the Dragon mountain road course in the Great Smoky Mountains one more time.  All returned with grins on their faces so I can only presume the Dragon has been laid to rest for one more year, but surely will be resurrected before next year.

Here is an action shot of Lane leading Nolan and Tom through the twists and turns.  There were claims that speeds of up to 140 mph were achieved... or perhaps it was only 40 mph.  Nonetheless it probably seemed like 140 mph.

Nolan seems to be holding his own in his recently delivered Specialty Auto-sports, Inc. 356A Cabriolet.  Hang in there Nolan only 113 more curves left.


Johnny Hallstrand and Tom Raymond are the organizers of this growing annual event.  Be sure to contact them to be kept advised of next year's event.  Email


We hope to see a lot more challengers at the 2010 gathering.  All are welcome.




Steve Lawing and Lisa had a humble open house at the Specialty Auto-sports, Inc. shop in Knoxville on Sunday the 18th.


Guests got to review the 356A Speedsters, Cabriolets, and Coupe  replicas under construction and nearing completion as well as a surprise viewing of the new 904 GTS replica being developed.  More on that in a later newsletter.

I think all would agree though that the big event  was the famous old south Buddy's BarBQ and Hunter's deli sandwiches catered by smiling Lisa Lawing below.



We hope that everyone enjoyed the gathering as much as Lisa and I enjoyed the hosting.  We want to see y'all back next year and bring a friend.

Steve Lawing

Specialty Auto-sports, Inc.