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The Specialty Auto-Sports (SAS) 904 Carrera GTS tribute is designed and built as a refined street sports car with modern amenities.  Other manufacturers of 904 replicas strive to retain most, if not all, of the race track features attributable to the original racing  904.  SAS President Steve Lawing believes that many owners would prefer a correct looking version of this memorable car in a more sophisticated form just as they do in our famous SAS 356A Speedsters, Cabriolets, and Coupes.


Other Available 904 Replicas

Replicas of the 904 are currently being produced by a number of companies including Martin and Walker in the UK, and Beck and Thunder Ranch in the US.  For those who prefer to have a race track car with the associated body alterations, noise, and harsh ride characteristics they should visit these folks.


Our Approach

If you consider accuracy in the body shape important then this refined SAS 904 GTS (Gentleman's Touring Special) tribute car is for you.  It also combines the best of retro automotive styling and racing history with selected modern amenities to create the SAS 904 GTS - a truly desirable modern touring car.

  1. The SAS 904 GTS is powered by the following Subaru Boxster mid-engines, longitudinally mounted:
    •      212hp  3.0L 6 cylinder  4 cam  DOHC fuel injected 
    •      256hp  3.6L 6 cylinder  4 cam  DOHC fuel injected  (option)

    All engines maintain the legal and proper emission controls which assure maximum performance of the engine.


  2. Our cars are religiously molded to capture  the original shape of the 904 GTS and unlike so many of the other 904 replicas we adhere to the historically correct body shape which includes:
    1. correct wheelbase
    2. non-bulged fenders or flared fender wheel openings
    3. correct tail light panel
    4. correct FIA door on the rear panel
    5. correct dash, layout, switches


  3. Standard Features:     check these against other 904 replica offers
  •      3.0L 212 hp Subaru fuel injected, water cooled, DOHC engine

  •      Subaru Automatic Overdrive transmission with "sport shift" (shift on demand) feature

  •      Leather interior

  •      4 wheel power assisted disc brakes

  •      Power windows - with laminated tinted glass  (not Lexan plastic)

  •      Power door locks

  •      Fog/Driving lights

  •      AC-Heat-defrost with electronic servo bi-level controls

  •      2 speed with intermittent speed wiper with washer

  •      Cruise control

  •      hidden sound system with capability of (Ipod, Mp3, USB, Satellite, CD)

  •      16 gallon fuel cell forward mounted with protective structure - not an unprotected   sheet metal fuel tank positioned over your lap

  •      effective weather proofing assures  comfort under all weather conditions

  •      3 point retractable seat belts

  •      dual Talbot style mirrors

  •      wood rim steering wheel

  •      dedication to the original body style.  No "convenient" alterations to the width, length, height, wheelbase, or elimination of historic styling features

  •      extensive sound deadening and heat shielding to ensure comfort and safety

  •      (you won't have to wear earplugs in our car)


you don't have to spend $100,000+ to drive a 904 GTS

How much for this stunning turnkey and warranteed car?   

Please note that we are not currently taking orders, accepting deposits or advance full payments to secure one of these cars.  When our prototype car is completed and fully developed, and only then, an announcement will be made and we may make a couple of them available. 

If sterling performance, great fuel economy, correct appearance combined with ergonomic comfort is important to you then you will indeed be pleased with the very limited production SAS 904  GTS tribute just as are our 356A Speedster, Cabriolet, and Coupe clients.


   Interested?  Contact Steve at 865-925-2500.  or   


Prototype Work in progress