Scott's 356A Cabriolet

2.5L 250+ hp turbocharged, DOHC 4 cam, mid-mounted water-cooled engine, OBDII fuel injection, 5 speed transmission, 4 wheel power disc brakes, ABS (antilock brakes), 4 coil-over adjustable shocks, rack and pinion steering, high performance suspension, welded structural frame, leather, power windows, Bilevel ac-heat-defrost, HID headlights, HID fog lights, power door openers, 16 gallon fuel cell, luggage rack, custom wheels, AM-FM-iPod, Cosmic Blue  color , Oh and by the way did I mention it is EPA -emissions legal ??  



Perhaps you should compare what you are buying with this - are you getting these features.....?

  • Subaru  2.5L  250+hp  Turbo  intercooled  water cooled  - 4 cam "Boxster" engine

  • powerful AC-hot water heat-defrost                         (bi-level controls)

  • leather interior

  • OBD II controlled electronic  fuel injection
  • power rollup windows

  • HID projector head lights

  • 5 Speed Manual transmission

  • remote power door openers

  • Accurately styled interior

  • mid-engine configuration and balance
  • water tight canvas top

  • PORSCHE badges 

  • power assisted brakes -4 wheel disc

  • am-fm-MP3-Ipod

  • head light guards
  • anti-lock brakes  (ABS)
  • front and rear trunk
  • roadster seats with head rests
  • 16 gallon fuel cell
  • increased foot well width and depth
  • luggage rack

  • welded structural tube chassis - not a subframe
  • glove box - 6 map pockets
  • driving lights

  • emissions correct - EPA legal
  • .........there is a lot more
  • custom 17" wheels

 spending a lot of money does not necessarily get you a lot of car...just a higher cost