• Our exclusive custom designed structural tubular chassis not to be confused with a beefed-up VW sub-frame with bolt-on VW components.


  • heavy gauge coated stamped 356A steel floor pan - for additional torsional stability of the chassis and road hazard protection


  • We begin construction with all new structural steel not a 30 year old rusted and fatigued VW floor pan.

  • All suspension members are Subaru Legacy, (control arms,  CV axles, front and rear shocks/struts,)



  • Occupants surrounded by a reinforced welded structural cage

  • passenger compartment separated from gas tank by steel firewall

  • steel reinforced doors

  • Fuel tank  protected from collision by heavy duty frame members

  • seat belts

  • 4 way hazard lights

  • we don't believe that the battery and its explosive hydrogen gas fumes and potential loose terminal connection arcing should be in the same enclosed compartment as the gas tank, its gas fumes, and potential leaks..... ours is not.  

  • heavy gauge steel 356A floor for chassis strength and road debris hazard protection - fiberglass floors will give you neither strength nor hazard protection